Friday, December 12, 2008

The Black Hole in the Center of the Galaxy

So, there's been recent news of confirmation of the presence of a massive black hole in the center of the galaxy. This black hole has been accepted as a fact for a while now, but mostly as the mostly as the likely hypothesis that explains the movement of certain stars close to the center of the Milky Way. This study, on the other hand, has tracked the movement of a group of stars for 16 years, and has yield results that almost conclusively evidence the presence of this astral entity.

The interesting thing is that even after this study, the evidence is still indirect. I mean, we haven't seen the thing (although if it's there we know we can't see it). We've just been able to detect its presence by observing its effects. Isn't science amazing? It reminds me of my Electrical Workshop teacher in highschool. When we were learning the basic concepts, we started, of course, by learning what electricity is. And so, one of the things we learned is that you can't see electricity. He would ask "How do we know the damned thing is there then?", and then would tell us "We observe the effects it produces! Touch a live wire and you'll know there's electricity there!". So it's kind of the same thing here. Electricity lights a bulb, that's an effect, we know it's there. In this case, the black hole has an effect on the astral bodies in its vicinity, so we know it's there.

You have to love the scientific method!...

-- AI