Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visit to SRI

Last week I had the chance to visit SRI International's Formal Methods Group. It was a very enriching couple of days. I got to meet some very smart people and to take a look at their work. It was a very inspiring experience.

We were able to take a look at their latest advances and present some of our own work (the work in my research group), so it was actually an ideas exchange meeting. Those folks work mostly on theorem prover technology (which is not exactly our work), however there were several ideas that seemed relevant to our work.

What I liked is that it was one of those meetings were you come back really energized and inspired from some of the cool things you see, but mostly from intereacting from other people that, like you, are producing science.

Also I could take a peek at the Silicon Valley itself: Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San José. This is where many big IT companies are headquartered, including the big Google :-) So it was an interesting trip overall.

First Entry

First entry... just created this blog to replace the old one, to which I had not posted in a long while. Also, to use the right screen name: Apolo Imagod. Let's see how it goes...